Managed Services

Server Management
Our Server related services includes remote and onsite administration and management of Servers and Operating Systems, application infrastructure, solution design, implementation, migration, upgrade, and steady state remote support. Apart from the complete technical capabilities of the IT infrastructure, we bring in project management capabilities of implementing across multiple countries and server management support on a 24*7 basis.
Our services include:
Design And Deployment of IT infrastructure
Our Services include Implementation, configuration, up- gradation, migration, advance troubleshooting, performance tuning, Virtualization, OS security, hardening of OS like , Linux, Solaris, HP UX and Windows. Steady State support We also provide steady state support onsite or remotely, to administer & manage IT Infrastructure, on a 24x7 basis, delivered by our team of specialists and SMEs. We have a fully equipped, 24x7 operations center (NOC) and secure network infrastructure for delivery of remote support to our customers.
Storage Management
Storage used to be simple. Today, it is measured in TBs (Terabyte) and PBs (Petabyte) and it continues to evolve. Fortunately, there are software and management tools that can offer substantial value and differentiation. We have a pool of certified storage administrators and SMEs to manage these complex storage devices.
Our services include:
Our Storage experts plan, design, build, implement and administer solutions using the industry best practices and most trusted storage systems and software from IBM, HP, Hitachi, EMC and Netapps.fusion store.
We have vast experience in configuration, up-gradation, migration, consolidation and advance troubleshooting of Storage Systems.
Cloud Integration Performance tuning Backup & Recovery Services
The scale of data today, it’s value to enterprises and legal compulsions have highlighted the strategic importance of sound data management. Today, you need faster access to larger data for longer periods.
Backup is central to data management. You need to guarantee you can recover data when it is deleted, destroyed, or disappears. Archiving has taken on new urgency as regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and FRCP continue to change the rules for long-term data storage. We offer a wide range of proven data backup solutions.
Our services include:
Design, Implementation, configuration, up-gradation, migration and advance troubleshooting of enterprise backup solution like IBM Spectrum Protect, HP Data protector, Legato, EMC Avamar and Symantec Netbackup.retrospect Architecting and Implementing Disaster Recovery solutions.
Virtualization Our Specialists can work with you to plan, design, build, consolidate and implement appropriate solution using the industry trusted server virtualization technologies. Server virtualization can help increase server utilization by as much as 70%, while decreasing the demand for power, cooling, cabling, rack space, and hardware maintenance. Server virtualization leverages your existing technology, lowers overall hardware costs, and enables faster roll out of new applications while reducing risks.
Our services include:
Centrally managing large virtual infrastructure environments.
Virtualize storage infrastructure. Our team of virtualization SMEs are proficient in managing VMware and MS- HyperV based virtualization environments.
Network Management
We provide continuous, real-time visibility into infrastructure delivery services and network services that are critical to the availability and performance of business applications. We manage end to end Networks and help in detecting faults proactively. This helps prevent network failures and improves the overall uptime of the network significantly. Our expertise is in handling different NMS tools like IBM Netcool and can help you in the following: Fault & Configuration Management
Fault and configuration management are integral part of the network management process where faults from all network devices and Servers/OS/DB/Applications are aggregated to a central portal with drill down facility to view status of any particular location. Our fault detection process is customizable based on defined thresholds to isolate and segregate events.
Our services include:
Event enrichment
Event correlation
Automatic Ticket creation
Performance Management
Performance is another key parameter for running a successful business with desired response time. Our services cover the performance monitoring of your Network as well as Applications. These services can be provided from your facility or remotely from our Network Operations Centre (NOC).
Service Desk Management
An effective Network management process requires an integrated Service Desk system where critical faults can be logged in, escalated for resolution and monitored till the event is rectified. Our services include an integrated solution for Automatic Ticket creation and management. The solution has built in workflows for Incident/Change/Problem management based on ITIL V3. The workflows can be customized if required.
Contact Application Management
Application Performance Management is highly critical for running a successful business. As the enterprises are using multiple technologies like SAP, JAVA, DotNet along with multiple platforms like Windows and Linux with variety of databases and middleware, it is extremely difficult to identify where the bottleneck exists.
We often hear from the end users that their application is running too slow. In such situations, how do we identify the root cause of the problem as the bottleneck may be due to some application configuration issue, OS configuration, DB configuration or network configuration? In the absence of integrated monitoring approach, the blame is often passed on from one service group to another service group. The capacity enhancement decisions are taken more on adhoc basis. We offer services to provide you Unified Application Performance approach.
Database Management We have in-depth experience in providing end-to-end database administration services to our customers, and have developed best practices to support multiple DBMS technologies on heterogeneous platforms including ERP databases.We provide customized Database Services & Support which can be tailor made to suit your organizations needs and goals. Our services are on Oracle, MS SQL and MY SQL:
Database Monitoring- Availability, Performance, Backup and Health Checks- Effective database monitoring and management can result in significant performance improvements. Monitoring a database server involves not just ensuring high uptime but making sure that the database is optimized for peak performance.
Database Implementation We have experts who plan and install database systems to ensure optimal performance. Let our experts help you in : Capacity Planning and Sizing Installation Configuration
Database Migration We offer complete Migration Services to help organizations in upgrading their database environment to the latest version of Oracle, MS SQL Server, MY SQL, Sybase or DB2. You can leverage on our proven global capabilities and 24×7 optimized services, to perform the upgrades at off-peak hours in a cost-effective manner.
Database Patching & Upgrades We can assist you in understanding which critical patch updates are needed and then help with the planning and application of those patches to your databases. Similarly if you are considering launching a data server upgrade initiative or want to ensure the success of a current upgrade initiative, consider upgrade services. We can handle all aspects of your database upgrade activities on Linux or Microsoft Windows.
Database refresh / cloning Our Database experts can make your life lot easier and can assist you in getting complex DB cloning done effortlessly.
Database Performance Optimization We will analyze your pain points and make recommendations on your database configuration, memory settings, and storage architecture.
Database Security Hardening We can help you reduce the cost of protecting data and can help you create, prepare, implement and monitor a security plan that will ensure the integrity of your data.
Database Auditing Have you ever thought of utilizing database auditing to detect penetration of the system and misuse of the resources? We have certified DBAs can assess your business needs, plan and install the audit system, configure auditing options, set up audit trails and threshold procedures and process the audit data.
Database High Availability/DR We has deep experience of managing database replication using various technologies such as Streams, Advanced Replication, Data Guard, and Real Application Clusters. Oracle Data Guard can be used to replicate and maintain production databases on DR Site. We can also work with you to design, plan, implement and test the entire backup and recovery strategies which suit your needs.
Database Automation database automation services help customers deploy sophisticated set of proprietary scripts that completely automates database reporting, capacity planning and pre-outage alerts. By addressing the conditions that cause an outage before your database crashes, the probability of a database outage is dramatically reduced.
Database Virtualization Virtualization is ideal for rapid provisioning of database instances via templates. Deploying a new DB instance from a virtual machine template takes minutes instead of days or weeks as was happening earlier traditional hardware and software delivery and setup. We can help you achieve your goal of virtualization of database.